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COVID & FOOD - 10 facts

There have been lots of questions about whether food is safe during COVID and the government has issued some guidelines on the topic. If you're still a little unsure what these are, I have created a short easy to read summary for you:

· You won’t catch COVID from food or food packaging

· Keep 2 metres apart while shopping – that’s the length of 2 trolleys

· Wash hands after handling outer food packaging but no need to sanitise outer packing

· Don’t touch unwrapped products (i.e fresh bread) in supermarkets unless you are going to buy it

· Wash thoroughly any loose fruit and vegetables that you buy

· Wash hands before handling food and before eating

· Cook foods thoroughly to kill any viruses

· Takeaways and food deliveries should have same social distancing rules

· Food that has been imported into this country are all COVID safe

· Clean all food surface areas in your kitchen every day with hot soapy water or disinfectant

Keep safe everyone and enjoy all your delicious meals.

This information is correct at the date and time of publication and with current scientific advice. (April 2020)

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