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Food is essential to us and is part of our every day lives. Every choice we make for our meals and snacks has a major effect on our short and long-term health. I am passionate about all aspects of food, including food safety,quality, nutrition and legislation. I spend a great deal of time looking at food trends, inventing new recipes and just enjoying and cooking delicious meals for the family.


Mini4Food offer three areas of business:

  • Food consultancy to companies in food regulations, R&D, claims, nutrition
    specifications and consumer care​

  • Workshops for children, parents and educators to learn about a healthy
    balanced diet​

  • Bespoke cookery classes/lunch & dinner parties on specific themes


Mini4Food is all about teaching children and adults basic nutrition; making the right meal choices.

Some basic nutritional areas that I explore in my workshops are:
 What’s the importance of eating 5 or more pieces of fruit and veg a day?
 What is fibre? 
 Why can’t I drink juice all day? 
 What are good fats and bad fats?
 How do I make the right choice? 
 Are all fast foods bad for me? 
 How can I get my child to eat healthy food?
 What are vitamins and minerals and why do I need them?
I believe that if school children learnt some basic nutrition facts, through fun interactive lessons, these facts will stay with them and it will help them make right choices later in life.
My workshops are focused on small hands-on classes where children will learn and engage with the whole food chain. They will learn where food comes from and what they need to eat every day to get all their nutrients. The workshop will be more practical based and involve lots of discussions, some
worksheets and using *real food so they can touch them, taste them and sometimes even make a dish that they can take home to show their parents.
My goal is to help them increase their knowledge about different types of food, which food category they belong to, and what their meals should consist of each day.

*parents will be asked about allergies prior to the workshop

Workshops will be 2 -4 hours long, depending on the age of the children



Small classes with mums to start your journey on enjoying different types of nutritious food.
Year6/Year7 School Class


This is the time to catch your children as they start making their own way to school, often skipping breakfast or grabbing something from the corner shop. They may be allowed out of school to buy their own lunches and will probably be grabbing snacks after school. 
The workshops will be held after school or at the weekends at local centres. One-to-one tuition, is also available.
Pre-Uni/College Teenagers

A series of lessons to teach teenagers about nutrition, health and cooking basic meals for uni/college survival. A lot of teenagers joining university/college realise that they actually have no idea how to even cook simple things like pasta or how many different ways there are to cook eggs, which
make cheap and nutritious meals.


Bespoke Cookery Classes
Ad hoc lunchtime or evening lessons to make specific dishes, for example curries, how to bake that perfect cake, how to ice cake, how to make pastry, etc. Could even be a bespoke lunch/dinner party on a specific theme.
Food Consultant
Experienced, confident Technical & Regulatory consultant with nearly 30 years in various functions; Quality, Auditing, Careline & Complaints, Technical & Regulatory. A strong team player with a variety of skills to deal with stakeholder management, trading standards, claims compliance and all other legal/regulatory challenges.
Areas of Expertise:
 Claims compliance for all technical, nutritional and health claims
 Artwork on pack and off pack approval
 Regulatory advice – Food labelling, Health & Nutrition Regulations, Packaging
 Complaints & Due Diligence
 Technical training for team and trade
 Toolkits for sales teams
 Dealing with trading standards
 Approval of NPD products
 Competitor monitoring
 Participate in trade and professional associations
 Keeps business informed on emerging regulatory issues and develops strategies to mitigate
    regulatory risks.
 Dealing with all consumer contacts including serious safety and quality issues.
 Technical workshops
Please contact me for any short-term contracts in any of these areas.

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