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​​YourLifeStep was setup by Mini Seelan & Allen Scott to allow us to share our knowledge, passion and energy in food, food nutrition, mental health, and mental fitness, to individuals, organisations and companies. Your Life Step operates two separate brands:


Mini4Food - specialising in food & nutrition consultancy.

1-StepBeyond - providing mental health first aid, life coaching and corporate mental health strategy.

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​I was born in South India (Kerala) in the 60s. Lived in Singapore until I was seven, when the family moved to the UK. My mum cooked amazing food from India and Singapore.  I learned to cook at an early age, and it stirred a passion with me to experiment with different spices and flavours to create delicious recipes. I took my passion into education (Bsc Food & Nutrition) and following study I worked for nearly 30 years in the food industry. I learned about the manufacturing process, food safety, quality, nutrition, food allergies, food legislation and consumer needs.
The passion keeps growing and I setup Mini4Food to speciialising in food and nutrition to share my knowledge to source, cook and enjoy amazing and delicious nutritious food.



I have spent 30 years in IT sales and executive management, as well as a number of non-exec director roles, in global corporations such as Vodafone, AT&T and McAfee as well as many start-ups. I have also jointly founded a successful IT, telecoms and management consultancy business called Edgeforce.

I decided to create 1Step-Beyond to focus my energy, knowledge and passion on mental wellness, life coaching and mental wellness strategy. 

Having experienced mental health issues in my family and at work I have developed the life tools and skills to manage the complex world we live in. I setup 1Step-Beyond to offer information and advice on mental health and mental fitness, consultancy, advice, the tools and technology to help maintain a healthy mind and body.

My vision is to be part of a movement to dramatically improve the attitudes, strategies, policies and infrastructure of mental health. I would like to see mental wellness as ubiquitous as physical wellness.