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​​We setup YourLifeStep to share our knowledge and passion for food, food nutrition, mental health, and mental fitness. Your Life Step operates two separate brands:


Mini4Food - specialising in food & nutrition consultancy.

1-StepBeyond - providing mental health first aid, life coaching and corporate mental health strategy.

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MINI 4 FOOD-logo.png

Mini Seelan - Food Consultant

​I was born in South India (Kerala) and lived in Singapore until I was seven, when the family moved to the UK. My mum cooked amazing food from India and Singapore.  I learned to cook at an early age, and it stirred a passion in me to experiment with different spices and flavours to create delicious recipes. I took my passion into education (BSc Food & Nutrition) and following study I worked for 30 years in the food industry. I learned about the manufacturing process, food safety, quality, nutrition, food allergies, food legislation and consumer needs.
The passion keeps growing and I setup Mini4Food to speciialising in food and nutrition to share my knowledge to source, cook and enjoy amazing and delicious nutritious food.

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Allen Scott - Mental Fitness

I spent 30 years as an IT executive, in global corporations such as Vodafone, AT&T, and McAfee as well as many start-ups, including my own.

I created 1Step-Beyond to focus my energy, knowledge, and passion on mental fitness and life coaching.  Having experienced mental health issues in my family and at work, I set up 1Step-Beyond to offer information. consultancy and advice on mental health and fitness, while also providing the tools to help maintain a healthy mind and body.

My vision is to be part of a movement to dramatically improve the attitudes, strategies, policies, and infrastructure around mental health. I would like to see mental fitness as ubiquitous as physical health.

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